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Judiciary Power

Employment Justice Tribunal


In the Name of God

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Court Order


Date: 138 -----

Numbe: -----

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Date:  8 Ordibehesht 1386 [29 April 2007]

Case Reference:  84/17/3230  

Court Order Number:  165

Examining authority:  Branch 17 of the Employment Justice Tribunal

Plaintiffs: Mrs. Faranik Foroutani, daughter of Bahram, address [redacted]

Complaint against: Social Security Insurance

Subject of complaint and the request:  Pension provision

Procedure:  After submission of the plaintiff’s claim to the general office of the Employment Justice Tribunal, and referral of the file to Branch 17, general registration number 97827-3 Shahrivar 1384 [22 February 2006], and following the initial procedure, ultimately, under the authority of the undersigned, the session of the branch was held on the above-mentioned date.  Subsequent to the review of the file, the hearing was concluded and the following decision rendered.  General registration:  97827-3 Shahrivar 1384 [22 February 2006]


Court Order

With regard to the complaint of Mrs. Faranik Foroutani, daughter of Bahram, against the Social Security Organization in Tehran, concerning her pension provision, after review of the claim submitted by the complainant and of the response from the plaintiff organization, in accordance with bill number 2689–25 Tir 1385 [16 July 2006], owing to the complainant’s being subject to Paragraph 8 of Article 29 of the said law ratified on 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981] by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in accordance with the order dated 29 Khordad 1361 [19 June 1982] of the Preliminary Council for the Reconstruction of Human Resources, the order is nullified and [the complainant is] deprived of social security benefits.  This decision is final.  Hence, any appeal on behalf of the complainant is without legal basis, and the decision to refuse the complainant’s claim is therefore declared.  This decision is final and binding. /3


Head of Branch 17 of the Employment Justice Tribunal



Counsels at Branch 17 of the Employment Justice Tribunal




[Official stamp]