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Department of Education of Sabezevar County

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Department of Education of Sabzevar County


Please issue an order to prevent employment and payment of wages to all personnel being accused [of membership in the Baha’i sect] as of 1 Khordad 1359 [22 May 1980].  The verdict of the Committee on Administrative Errors and Employment, [along] with the list of names of accused, has been sent to 8318 Razmjou 2 4862 [date:] 17/2/1359 [7 May 1980].  For the information of Mr. Mesbah Dabestan [illegible] a copy of document number 4884 [date] 15/2/1359 [5 May 1980] will be sent.


Department of Education of Sabzevar


Recipient/Accounting Office

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