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Number: 6/ 7921/?

Date: 13/12/1369 [4 March 1991]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Organization for Social Security


Organization for Social Security


In the Name of God

Mr. Sadegh Hesami

Address: Shiraz - [contact details]

In response to your request dated 1/10/1369 [22 December 1990], you are informed that owing to your membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, you have been sentenced to permanent termination from employment in government organizations and affiliated agencies, as set out in Verdict number 500, dated 31/5/1362 [22 August 1983], issued by the Committee for the Restructuring of Human Resources. Effective from the date of that verdict you are no longer eligible to receive a pension.

12/ 6 -19

Yahya Jafari


Director General for Pensions


Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Office of Social Services, reference to letter number 86796 dated 24/10/? for information