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Number 3676

Date: 25/1/1358 [14 April 1979]

Enclosure: -----



Ministry of Education

Department of Education, Fars Province

In the Name of God, the Exalted


Ms. Shohreh Torabi, graduate of Shiraz Teachers College

In response to your query dated 10/1/1358 [30 March 1979], this is to inform you that since you have previously admitted in writing to your adherence to a religion that is not officially recognized by the state, as stipulated in the regulations your employment is not permissible. 


Head of the Department of Education of the Islamic Revolutionary, Fars

Mohammad Reza Abolahrari

Ali Shahbazi

[name illegible]



[handwritten note on the bottom of the page]

Previous address of the aforementioned as a student in this institution

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