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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Energy

Electricity Distribution Corporation of Lorestan Province

Manager of the Electricity Service of Khorramabad - Section 2


In the Name of God,


Number:  1 [circular]

Date: 2 Tir 1388 [23 Jun 2009]




Article 66 of the Islamic Penal Code


“Whoever utilizes water, electricity, and gas without paying the municipal distribution charges, will, in addition to the payment of a penalty, be condemned to incarceration of up to 3 years”.


Mr. Baha’i, Resident of [redacted]

Owner or Occupier or Referred Consumer




You are given 2 (two) days, to formally obtain [electrical] connection and remit payment to the legal office of the Department of Electricity in Khorramabad, located in Alavi Avenue for damages incurred and then hand to the officer in charge the receipt acknowledging your payment; so as to preclude the issuing of legal procedures in relation to this file.  Otherwise, once the afore-mentioned period expires, legal action will be taken.




Legal Representative





Section 2 Khorramabad Electrical Services



Khorramabad - Alawi Avenue, Electricity Office Street

[Picture of Telephone] 2202088-9


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