Ehsanollah Mehdi-Zadeh

Born: 3 November 1948, Shiraz

Executed by firing squad in Shiraz on 30 April 1981


Ehsanollah Mehdi-Zadeh was born in 1948 in Shiraz.  He married in 1967 and pioneered to Ras Al-Khaimah in 1969 with his wife and 6 months old daughter.  A few months later they returned to Iran.  He was a member of the Bahá’í Cemetery Committee of Shiraz as well as being engaged in other aspects of the Baha’i community life.  He was arrested and imprisoned on 3 May 1980 in Adilabad prison.  

He was executed by firing squad on 30 April 1981, together with Yadollah Vahdat and Sattar Khoshkhou.  Their bodies were taken to a Baha’i cemetery by the authorities, who wanted to bury them swiftly in the absence of their family and friends.  The cemetery’s gardener and few other Baha’is became aware of this dreadful news and were able to convince the authorities to bury their bodies in accordance with Baha’i law.  The burial took place in the presence of few family members while other friends were denied access to the cemetery.


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