Ehsanollah Khayyami

Born: 1921, Hamadan

Executed by firing squad in Urmia on 12 April 1982


Ehsanollah Khayyami was born in 1921 in Hamadan.  After completing high school he worked in a factory owned by a Baha’i for 8 years.  In 1962, he moved to Urmia and became a Baha’i children class teacher. He got married in 1965.

On 20 October 1981, his home was raided by Pasdars and he was arrested.  He was kept in an unknown place for 15 days where he was severely tortured. Subsequently, he was executed by firing squad on 12 April 1982.  The following morning his family were informed of the news of his execution. He was buried according to Baha’i law, in the presence of his family and friends.


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