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20 Dey 1359 [10 January 1981]

If one is not permitted to see with physical eyes

One can still see with the unseen way of the heart


Mr. Eskandar Rafie, may my soul be a sacrifice to you.

With most sincere and heartfelt greetings and with expressions of respect and loyalty and feelings of love, I hope you and your dear family are living in utmost happiness and joy at all times. May I be a sacrifice to you, for you are dearer to me than any beloved one. You are no doubt aware by now that it has been eight months that, without any guilt or fault, I have been deprived of the blessing of freedom and am captive in a cage like a bird. However, the prison is as the palace of kings for those blessed by God. I deeply appreciate and am grateful for your prayers on behalf of this enthralled prisoner. But I beseech all of you from the bottom of my heart to ask God to enable me to come to a good end and achieve His good pleasure, such that He may find my blood worthy to be spilled on dust for the sake of the release of the friends and alleviation of the persecutions and difficulties, instead of praying for my release.  Otherwise, this Faith [religion] is brighter than the sun, and anytime God should ordain it, all of the difficulties will be removed in an instant and there will be no reason for trepidation. As my grandfather has said, I swear by God that these adversities in the path of the Beloved is dearer to me than my life and sweeter to my taste than sugar and honey. I swear on your life that these days are the happiest days of my life, which have been bestowed upon me undeservedly, and I am not able to appreciate them properly. I hope that this imprisonment will be a cause of opening the doors of peace and comfort to dear believers.

I have been in debt to your kindness throughout my life, my dear brother, and I pray God to send you and your esteemed family blessings and confirmations in all material and spiritual arenas. I hope you will not forget to include me in your moments of meditation and communion with the prayer-answering God.  Please convey my heartfelt greetings to your dear wife and members of the family, Mahin, Shahin, and beloved Zarrin-taj and your sons and all of the friends in that land.


May I be a sacrifice to you, dear one,

Your imprisoned brother, Ehsanollah Mehdi-Zadeh