Ebrahimi Ma‘anavi

Born: Around 1909, Hesar, Khorasan

Gone missing in Hesar, Khorasan, in early 1979


Ebrahimi Ma‘anavi was born into a Baha’i family.  He lived in various parts of Iran and then returned to Hesar where he remained for the last 15 years of his life.  He was persecuted throughout his life.  For example, at the age of 15 he was beaten so badly by a number of Muslim fanatics that he almost died.

On 6 January 1979, a large crowd from Hesar and neighbouring villages, armed with axes, sticks and cans of kerosene attacked the homes of the Baha’is.  They pillaged, plundered and burned many of the Baha’is homes.  A mulla named Sheikh Sahmi intervened and gave the members of the Local Spiritual Assembly[1] of Hesar three options: 1) accept Islam; 2) pay a religious fine (Jazyeh); or 3 leave the village without their belongings.  He permitted the Assembly 10 days to come to their decision.  Three members immediately left for Mashhad to consult with the Local Spiritual Assembly there, which had administrative responsibility for the province.  In the meantime, the mulla changed his mind and gave the community three days to come to their decision. Then, a group of ruffians invaded the home of Ebrahimi Ma‘anavi.  The next morning a few individuals including his nephew went to his home and found the front door open and the house ransacked. There was no sign of Ebrahimi Ma‘anavi, however there were blood stains and broken dentures lying on the floor.  His body was never discovered; it was rumoured that it had been thrown in a deep, dry well and covered with dirt and stones.


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[1] Local Spiritual Assembly: a nine-member administrative body elected annually by the Baha’is of a particular area, tasked with overseeing the affairs of the Baha’i community of that area.