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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 14 Ordibehesht 1365 [4 May 1986]


Kayhan Political Service

In today’s public session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, chaired by Hojjatol-Islam Hashemi Rafsanjani, at first, three deputies spoke as pre-order speakers on various issues of the country. Following that, the parliament reviewed the plan to determine the limits of duties and powers of the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


In this meeting, some articles were removed, and the deputies approved two articles before the break time...

Remarks by the Deputy of Tehran

The second speaker before the order was Dr. Ebrahim Israfilian, the representative of the people of Tehran, who, referring to the hype of the Western mass media on the issue of human rights in Iran, especially the British parliamentary group, said, “How can these awakened human rights activists record [what happens in] Iran, very quickly and from thousands of kilometres away through their binoculars, and how can they not see the execution of some [black people] in London, Birmingham, Bristol, etc., for being coloured and with that inhuman condition? These are the examples of the crimes of human rights defenders; they should be told, “Gentlemen, where were you and why did you not see this scene?” …

The speaker continued the discussion by referring to the claim of the so-called human rights supporters about the execution of the members of the perverse sect [Baha’is] in Iran, and while explaining the content of the books published by the founders of this sect, he stated, “In one of the books that I read about 12 years ago, published by a foreigner in central London, there is a picture that is written below (Abdu’l-Baha - Paris 1911). Page seven of this book also contains the names of the members of the House of Justice in 1972, two of whom are American Zionists, two are British Zionists, three are Israeli Zionists, and two are Iranian. Of the three British Zionists there is one named David Hoffman, who is known in the world for being a Zionist. Now this gentleman has become a member of the Baha’i House of Justice, and again, here is a photograph showing ‘Abdu’l Baha, under the British flag, showing a pickaxe above his head.  Their centre is in Israel, and basically, because this party was created and shaped by the British and Israelis, they have to support it.  If we look at the elements of this group in Iran, such as Elghanian and Sabet Pasal, it becomes easy to see how they support each other.