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15 Mehr 1358 [7 October 1979]


Esteemed Head of the Medical Council of Iran


I, Dr. Tahereh Berjis, paediatrician, [graduate] from the United States, Medical Council membership number 9342, started my medical practice in Bahman 1355 [January 1977] as the superintendent of the Section of Paediatrics and Newborn Care at the Misaghiyyeh Hospital. During this period, with the approval of the hospital authorities, I have been performing my duties with utmost care, perseverance and sincerity.

As you are aware, during the last few months, this hospital, which has been managed by the Baha’i community, was transferred to the Mostazafan Foundation. On 25 Shahrivar 1358 [16 September 1979], I was told verbally, on behalf of Dr. Sadeghi, who is reportedly responsible for managing the hospital, that due to my religious belief and my adherence to the Baha’i Faith, the new management system does not wish to collaborate with me. This decision was again reiterated, confirmed and endorsed in a meeting with him, where he insulted my belief with complete irreverence and said that my agreement with the previous “deceitful” board was of no value, and he refused to hand me any written document in this regard. It should be explained that this decision included all the medical staff of Misaghiyyeh Hospital, many of whom have a specialty of their own.

Such an action is not only a violation of the professional rights of the physicians, given that the physician’s oath has no consideration for belief and religious adherence; but also, considering the dire shortage of medical services in our society, this action is one hundred percent anti-revolutionary and contrary to Article 26 of the Constitution. Therefore, it is requested that this matter be investigated so as to prevent the violation of the rights of the medical doctors, which that organization should indeed be defending. This letter is further to the letter dated 31 Shahrivar 1358 [22 September 1979].

Your appropriate instruction in this regard is appreciated in advance. 



Dr. Tahereh Berjis

Telephone: 899935

Medical Council of Iran

Registered in ledger 7259

Dated 15 Mehr 1358 [7 October 1979]