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[Personal information has been redacted.]


2 Tir 1360 [23 June 1981]


My dear wife,

At this last moment of this transient life, when I have the intention of going to the next world and eternal life, I say goodbye to you and I beg you to accept the will of God with utmost patience and endurance and be grateful, content and forbearing. During the last forty four years of living with you, I have always felt the utmost comfort and tranquillity, and had no other wish except to be in conversation with you. I hope you are satisfied with me and do not deny me prayers wishing me good: “I came forth from God and return unto Him ….”  Our beginning and end were and are in the hands of the Almighty God. Having faith in God is the source of the consolation of our hearts and comfort for our lives and souls. I am in the state of being unencumbered, resigned and contented. Thank God that, as [illegible] said, I don’t have any demands from Him, as His kindness and generosity are perfect and inclusive. Thank God, Who is the God of all the inhabitants of the world. 

If my hand is empty of the wealth of the world, it has always been raised to thank and praise God. Even now it is raised to God.

I am sending my wristwatch through one of the Revolutionary Guards [illegible] to section 3 so it will be returned to you with the rest of my belongings. Less than 400 tomans money is in my pocket; spend it in the way of God. I have given my engagement ring and the ring with the Greatest Name stone to the authorities; keep them as a memento in the family. Convey my salutations to my dear ones and the apples of my eyes. I have been and still am happy with everyone and I will say prayers in the world above for their happiness and blessings.  At this moment I am remembering all of them, one by one, and I imagine them in front of me. Console Tahereh especially, and other sisters as well, and if it is possible say prayers on my behalf at the resting place of our parents. Good bye


Love you, Dr. Farhangi