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University of Tehran

Faculty of Medicine

Number 36493

Date: 2/9/1348 [23 November 1969]


Accounts Department of the Faculty of Medicine


Dr. Ezzatollah Forouhi was introduced to Amir Alam Hospital through communication number 59465 dated 23/11/1347 [12 February 1969], and as set out in the Amir Alam Hospital certificate, number 2443 dated 1/8/1348 [23 October 1969] , he began serving as a full-time assistant lecturer 27/12/1347 [18 March 1969].  Since the university has undertaken to pay the salary of the afore-mentioned effective 1/1/1348 [21 March 1969], but employment of the aforementioned has not been approved by the authorities, arrangements have therefore been made for a monthly amount of twenty-five thousand rial, equivalent to his salary, to be paid as remuneration for his services from [illegible] 1/1348 [March/April 1969] to 1/3/1348 [22 May 1969] according to the report of the Amir Alam Hospital, and relevant documents should be issued [to finalize the account].


On behalf of the Dean of the Medical Faculty, Dr. Ziaie


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10/9/1348 [1 December 1969]

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