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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Kashan to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 17244 Telegram Number: 312, Number of Words: 94, Date of Original: 14 [Bahman 1328] [3 February 1950], Date of Receipt: 15 Bahman [1328] [4 February 1950]


Honourable Prime Minister,


This morning my husband, Dr. Soleiman Berjis, who had spent years of his precious life serving the community through his medical profession, was called to visit a patient at home and was murdered in a very gruesome and tragic way and his body was cut to pieces.  [This left] the members of his family of ten with no caring [father].  It is quite possible that the perpetrators have destroyed the evidence of their crime through their machinations.  I earnestly request that you send a reliable and trustworthy officer to investigate this matter.


Khanum-Agha Berjis



[Stamp of the Office of Telegraph – Tehran]