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Date: 136 ------

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Ministry of Justice, Islamic Republic of Iran

Documents required for certification of eligibility for inheritance


  1. Petition, one copy.
  2. Death certificate (to be obtained from the Statistics [Records] Office).
  3. Copy of the tax paid on inheritance (this document must be obtained from the Ministry of Finance.)
  4. Copy of the birth certificates of the beneficiaries (first page only).
  5. In case the deceased is Jewish, Christian, or Zoroastrian, it is mandatory to obtain a document on the division of the inheritance among beneficiaries from the [relevant] religious authorities.
  6. Obtain a printed certificate of this document from the court registry free of charge, and complete it without crossing out anything.  Then have three witnesses sign it at an official notary public office and have the signatures certified at that same office.
  7. Copy of marriage certificate (in case the deceased was married at the time of death).
  8. Bring the originals of birth certificates and marriage certificates to give to the court.