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5 Tir 1324 [26 June 1945]


Dear Mr. Governor General of Tenth Province,


I respectfully convey that, I, Ismail Farahmand-Varnamkhasti, [illegible] am acting as an attorney for Mrs. Shahzadeh Khanoum, my sister, who is the wife of Ebrahim Eshraghi-Varnamkhasti.  I write on behalf of my client and have lodged a complaint to the [Gendarmerie] station in Lenjan. I am now troubling you, seeking an order to be issued to do a thorough investigation of this matter: 


Ebrahim Eshraghi married my sister about 18 years ago. After a while, he left Islam and became a Baha’i. Since he became a Baha’i he constantly abuses her (the client) and causes her much distress, and many times he has threatened her with death, hoping she would join his religion (Baha’i).  Because she has not obeyed him and has not become a Baha’i, he has not paid alimony to her and his four children for a long time, and their responsibility has fallen on my father and me.  With all that, he has not stopped at that; a few nights ago, Ebrahim joined some of his coreligionists with Haji Agha, his brother, and his wife and his sister, and Mokhtar and Naser, who are Ebrahim’s nephews, and raided my sister’s house and took all of her belongings, such as her gold and her dowry and other items, and beat her up.  She barely escaped their beatings out of fear of getting killed. She is currently staying at her father’s house in bed, feeling miserable.  In addition, the title deed to a property my father had purchased for her was also in the house, and they took that, as well.  Due to religious conflict, there is no more safety for our family. Besides, he is causing conflicts and arguments with the locals and it could possibly cause a lot of unrest here in town which [no one] will be able to stop. I ask you to attend to this matter urgently and punish the perpetrators and make decision about this marriage according to the legal norms and Sharia laws.


5 Tir 1324 [26 June 1945]




[Stamp of the Ministry of Finance]

[Handwritten 1:] [Check] the background

[Handwritten 2:] A copy should be sent to the Gendarmerie to follow this so it can be investigated, and take the necessary steps to prevent unrest and conflict.  7 tir 1324 [28 June 1945]

[Handwritten 3:] Mr. Shahri, 7 Tir 1324 [28 June 1945]