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Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Joint Chiefs of Staff

From: Adjutancy (Personnel Office of Army Chiefs of Staff)

To: Brigadier Headquarters NDAJA[i] (Senior Personnel)

Subject: Dismissal of Senior [High Ranking] Officers


(Telephone -----)

Number: 402-04101

Date: 3/11/1358 [23 January 1980]



Effective 1/11/1358 [21 January 1980], with the approval of the Council of Ministers of the Interim Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Five-Person Commission, the two officers belonging to the unit specified below are dismissed from military service owing to their affiliation with the sect [Baha’i], which is contrary to the official religion of the country, the details of which are covered in Article 3 of General Order No. 87 of the Armed Forces.

You are instructed to issue the notice of dismissal from the armed services for these two individuals.

1 - Lieutenant Abbas Jalalizadeh, Financial Division

2 - Naval Lieutenant Avaz Golshan

Adjutancy Chief: Lieutenant Colonel Ali-Asghar Nirorang

On behalf of: Lieutenant Colonel Shahreza



1 - Ministry of National Defence (Adjutancy), Reference number 603-05/1-255, [dated] 8/10/1358 [29 December 1979]

2 - Ministry of Defence - Insurance and Retirement Office 9, for information and action

Finance Department of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for information and action

The Interim Coordination Council of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

[official stamp]

Naval Personnel [Office]


Certified Copy

Personnel Manager [signature]

13/11/1358 [2 February 1980]

Personnel Director [signature]

9/11/1358 [29 January 1980]
































[i] [The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy]