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Number: 670/60

Date: 3/4/1375 [23 June 1996]

Your Number


Airlines of the Islamic Republic of Iran


In the Name of God

To: Office of Social Security, Head of Branch 4-Isfahan

From: Retirement Affairs

Subject: Mr. Asadollah Rahimi,  insuranced number [redacted]

Regarding letter number 9014/F/7548 dated 12/2/1975 [1 May 1996]

1-The status of said employee was changed.  As from 10/3/1359 [31 May 1980], he was excluded from the provisions of the Social Security Regulations and covered by Homa Employment Regulations as of 10/3/1359 [31 May 1980]

2- He has been retired since 1/7/1360[23 September 1981]

3- As from 5/10/1360 [26 December 1981], because of his membership in the perverse sect and  in accordance with the final verdict of the Primary Division of the Office for Restructuring ,in accordance with Paragraph 8, Section 29 of the Restructuring Act, approved on 5/7/1360 [27 September 1981] by the Parliament of the Islamic Council. He was served with the verdict.

These details are announced for information.

Ali Asghar Danesh

Head of Retirement


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