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Islamic Republic of Iran

The Ministry of Health and Medical Treatment and Medical Education

Hospital Organisation of Gilan Province

In the Name of God

Number: 3/A/5/35924

Date: 27/08/1366 [18 November 1987]

Without Annexures


Dr. Badiollah Foroughi - Retired Hospital Doctor (Head Office 139322)

In accordance with court order number 388, dated 15/07/1366 [7 October 1987], of the Committee of first instance on Administrative Errors and Employment of Hospital Organisation of Gilan Province, you are sentenced to permanent dismissal on the charge of following the Baha’i sect. As you cited the original court order on 27/07/1366 [19 October 1987], and you did not submit an objection to the Human Resources Department of this organisation by the legal deadline, your pension, which was [set] according to order number 5/29742, dated 14/08/1358 [5 November 1979], is cut off [as of] 27/08/1366 [18 November 1987].

Dr. Alaeddin Hamidi

Executive Director


Address- Rasht [Rasht]: Imam Khomeini Square, next to Jahad-e-Sazandegi, Postal Code 41335, PO Box 1159, Phone 36061-4