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[Personal information has been redacted.]


From: L 88 Z(AH)

Section 13, order number 36 L88 ZH




In accordance with the [illegible], the Ministers of the Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and approval of the Five-member Committee, based on the Employment Act [Single-Article Act]  regarding the  restructuring of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was approved on 12/7/1358 [4 October 1979], effective 15/11/1358 [4 February 1980], Heshmatollah Peymani Zavareh, Second Lieutenant, within Health Services, [illegible] Battalion 88, is being  dismissed  from army service for his affiliation with the unofficial religion.

Directive document number SH701/03/11 dated 6/11/1358 [26 January 1980], Deputy Personnel NZAJA

Signatory of the original order: Colonel Jameie

This copy corresponds with the original

Executor: Third Lieutenant [illegible name]


RAH Captain Kashani



1- [illegible] for notification -  Please arrange to obtain and send the [following] listed documents: Supply Book; Officer’s identification card; record of appointment; copy of birth certificate; pay slip noting monies owed; employment summary; his family’s health insurance booklet.

2- Branch

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