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In the Name of God

Verdict number 119/2436, dated 26/10/1370 [16 January 1992]

Administered by: Primary Division of Employment Arbitration – Tehran Municipality

Allegation: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect


Synopsis of Proceedings: The allegations against Mr. Aminollah surname Misahghi, son of Ghavam, born in year 1313 [1934], identification number [redacted], issued in Kashan, with the title of organisational post ----- work experience 30/1/1339 [19 April 1960], academic qualification third grade middle school, place of work retired from the Municipal Council at present, married X whose employment situation  on the date of the judgment was: employed ----- ready to serve ----- retired X , was considered.  At the meeting on 11/10/1370 [1 January 1992,] as per the minutes, and in view of the certifications and deeds available on file [illegible] and [with the] Ministry of Intelligence X, letter number 199999-/KH/1263  and in view of the admission of the accused -----, witness statement and the informed -----, defence of the offender -----, expert opinion -----, report of the investigatory team -----, and in view of other situations and circumstances available on the criminal file X related to the offender, the board is satisfied with:

1- Membership in the Baha’i [sect] as per Paragraph 2, Section 19

2- -----Subject-----subsection-----section

3- -----Subject-----subsection-----section Employment Arbitration Act, ratified on 25/12/1365 [16 March 1987]. Therefore the offender, according to Article H of Paragraph ten (10) of the said Act, is condemned to permanent dismissal from public service.

A- In accordance with Section 4 of the said Act, this verdict is final and enforceable.

B- In accordance with Section 13 of said Act, this verdict is appealable X and the offender is allowed to file his appeal within one month from the announcement of the verdict by submitting a request to the Central Municipal Council’s Administration Office; otherwise, according to Addendum 1 of Article 4 of said Act, this verdict will be enforceable at the expiration of the above-mentioned period.

1- [Signature]

2- [Signature over official stamp]

3- [Signature]