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[Adapted from website:] Didehban Strategic Institute

[Date:] 3 Bahman 1392 [23 January 2014]


Imam Khomeini’s (may God have mercy on him) Stances Against the Baha’is

After the death of Ayatollah Borujerdi in 1340 [1961], the struggles of Imam Khomeini (RA) openly began against the anti-religious and anti-cultural policies of the Pahlavi regime in 1341 [1962/1963], during [the elections] of the provincial and local councils.

The imam’s uprising against the United States, Britain, and the Pahlavi regime was, in fact, an uprising against the influence and domination of the Baha’is. Imam Khomeini had identified the Baha’is as agents of global Zionism in Iran; he had recognized their long-term goals of destroying Islam and had directed the sharp point of his attacks at them. The government apparatus thought there was an opportunity to completely exclude religion from social affairs, thus intensifying its anti-religious movement. The shah and other colonialist aides, such as Asadollah Alam, whispered about the abolition of some Islamic laws on a daily basis.

The Provincial and Local Council’s Bill, the Liberal [mixed] Conference of Women and Men, the White Revolution of the Shah and the Nation, the “Six Bills” and finally the Law for Family Protection, were programmes proposed by the imperialist states to eradicate the foundation of Islam and the independence of Iran proposed and implemented by the shah.

But the Positions of Imam Khomeini (RA) Against the False Baha’i Sect:

- In 1342 [1963/1964], in a message addressed to the scholars of Yazd, he said, “Many of the sensitive positions are held by this Baha’is who are really Israeli agents.”

- This deadly silence is the reason that our country and our honour will be trampled, under the boots of Israel and by the hands of Baha’is, …

- The imam also believed that the principles of the White Revolution of the shah, such as the absolute equality of rights between men and women, are principles derived from the opinions of Abbas Effendi.

- One of the issues that proves the malice of the current government is the facilities that he has provided for the travel of 2,000 or more people from the perverse sects, who have been given $500.00 each [in foreign currency] with a discount of about 1,200 tomans on a plane ticket, in order for these people to participate in a gathering that is held in London and is one hundred percent anti-Islamic.

On the other hand, what problems do they not cause and what abuses and expenses do they not impose on the pilgrims of the Sacred House of God [Mecca]?!

- I declare danger to the people of Iran and the Muslims of the world according to my religious duty. The Holy Quran and Islam are in danger. The independence of the country and the economy are under the control of the Zionists, who appeared in Iran in the form of the Baha’i party, and it will not be long before, by this deadly silence of the Muslims, they will take over the whole economy of this country with the approval of their agents and will destroy the Muslim nation in all respects. The Iran Television Station is the Zionist espionage base. The governments oversee and approve it. The Muslim nation will not remain silent until these dangers are eliminated, and if anyone keeps silent, he/she will be responsible before God Almighty.

- The U.S. government was confronted with the harsh responses of the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution after it reacted in favour of the Baha’i spies and [after] the official support of the president of that country for the Baha’is.

An example of questions about Baha’ism and Imam Khomeini’s statements in response to them:

-Is it against the Sharia law to read non-Islamic books such as Baha’i books, Communist books and other atheistic creeds?

Answer: If there is a fear of deviation, they should leave it.

-What about a Muslim woman marrying a Baha’i man?

Answer: Marriage to a member of the perverse Baha’i sect is void.