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21/7/1387 [12 October 2008]


File Number:  87-7/2-949


Mr. Ghorbani,


Honourable Head of Branch 206 of the Legal Court of Tehran


In response to your inquiry number 439/206/87, dated 31/6/1387 [21 September 2008], the consultative view of the Office for Legal, Documentation and Translation Affairs of the judiciary is declared as follows:


  1. Laws and regulations applicable to the Iranian Shia [Muslims] are equally applicable to the followers of other sects and beliefs who are not recognized as official religions by the state. Accordingly, with regard to certification of decree of heirship, division of property and other such personal matters, laws and regulations that apply to Iranian Shias also apply to these people.
  2. Issuance of certification for a decree of heirship does not constitute official recognition of such sects and beliefs.
  3. In light of the above, there is no further requirement concerning this part of the inquiry.



General Director of Legal, Documentation and Translation Affairs of the Judiciary

Gholamreza Shahri