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Private number: 5220

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Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts

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Date submitted: 15 Esfand 1311 [6 March 1933]


Esteemed Department of Education,

Based on information received, as of Khordad 1309 [May/June 1930] the Tarbiyat School for Girls offered a six-year elementary school programme as well as the first and third grades of middle school (without the second grade of middle school).  In Mehr [October] of that same year, it had a full elementary school programme and first and second grades of middle school (without the third grade of middle school). Currently, it has eleven grades as follows:

First grade of elementary school in one room

Second, third, and fourth grades of elementary school in one room

Fifth and sixth grades in one room

Seventh and ninth grades in one room (no eighth grade)

Tenth and eleventh grades in one room


We hereby promptly bring this information to your attention so that, considering the level of quality and credibility of the aforementioned school, you may provide necessary instructions to rectify the presumed shortcomings. [Signature]