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Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts

Office report: -----

Unit: -----

Number: -----

Dated 9 Esfand 1311 [28 February 1933]


The Honourable Head of the Department, may your reign continue

I would respectfully inform you that as of Khordad 1309 [May/June 1930], the Tarbiat Girls’ School used to offer classes for the sixth-grade primary school and the first and third grades of middle school. In the month of Mehr [September/October] of that same year, it used to offer the primary school classes and the first and second grade of the middle school classes. Currently, up to eleventh grade has been established.

We hereby convey for your information that the auxiliary and first grade classes are held in one room; also the second, third and fourth grades, as well as the fifth and sixth grades, and in the same way the seventh (no eighth grade) and ninth grades, and in this manner the tenth and eleventh grades are also held in one room.



[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Mr. [Illegible]

Department of Education to be notified of the matter.

10 Esfand 1311 [1 March 1933]


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Two page enclosure

Number: 1/11

Date: 09 Esfand 1311 [28 February 1933]