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Preliminary Court Application form

Particulars of the two parties:

Plaintiff: -----

Name: Office of Natural Resources and Watershed of Sanandaj

Address: [Address provided]

Appellee: -----

Name: Ezzatollah

Surname: Gouniyaie

Father’s Name: Ahmad

Occupation: Physician

Address: [Address provided]

Lawyer or Legal Representative: -----

Subject of Grievance and Damages: Destruction of buildings constructed on state property

Reasons and enclosures - Application (documents): 1- Court order issued by Branch 104 of criminal [court] 2-Execution writ, number 891395–16 Bahman 1389 [5 February 2011] 3-For the reason of position -----

Application Synopsis

Honourable Chief Justice of Public and Revolutionary Courts of Sanandaj

With greeting,


Respectfully, this is to inform you that in light of the criminal conviction of Mr. Ezzatollah Gouniyaie concerning dispossession and ejection from state property in the village of Darbandeh—an area of 14710 square meters—as documented in court order reference number 890716, issued by Branch 104 of Penal [Court] in Sanandaj, and in light of execution writ number 891395, issued by Branch 2 of the [Office of] Execution of Penal Orders, given that the evidence of occupation such as buildings and shrubs, still remains on state property, it is hereby requested that the court issue an order pertaining to the destruction of the buildings.



Supervisor for the Office of Natural Resources and Watershed in Sanandaj

Application date and registration number - Honourable judge of Branch ----- court of ----- please investigate.

Name and surname of the applicant -----

Date ----- Signature -----

Stamp -----

Form Number 24/2301/1296/2


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8 Aban 1390 [30 October 2011]