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Ministry of the Interior

Office of:  Department Cabinet: [Deputy]

Number 304/4503

Dated 6 Jumada t - Tania 1330 [22 May 1912]

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Extraction of Kashan Government Secret Telegram

The respected Interior Ministry, telegraph number1643 was viewed. Since a year ago, the entire learned society, the scholars and residents alike, have stated that the school’s authorities were mainly Jewish and Babi, and were openly teaching this religion at school. The school is certainly to be banned immediately, and the ones in charge to be punished severely. They had a revolt in mind. Since the government had not discovered written evidence about this matter, prevention was not possible. They had invited Mr. Lisan al-Molk for the school’s second year exam. As he prepared to attend, word was sent to him, on behalf of the learned ones, that his attendance would bring dishonour, and they told me not to let him go to the school. He did not go. Then, a few days ago, the scholars found a published book about the Baha’i religion, which is taught at the school by Khajeh Rabi the school’s principal, and sent it to the government with a detailed explanation, saying that if Khajeh Rabi was not punished and the school was not closed, there would be bloodshed. This is the report about the school. Khajeh Rabi is to be detained at once and he has to leave Kashan for a while, or else it would be the cause of revolt. [Illegible]


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