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[Bahman 1328] [January/February 1950]


The Imperial Court of the Pahlavi [Dynasty] Shah,


The negligence of the ministers, the laxity of government officials and the absence of punishment have led the people and the government to the state that we are in.  In Tehran, that betraying hand, which is the agent of foreigners, came out of Seyyed Abol-Ghasem Kashani’s sleeve, dared to attempt the assassination of the beloved Shah, and later murdered Mr. Hazhir[1].  [The same hand] today came out of the sleeve of Hojjatzadeh in Kashan and by deception has gathered together a group of known criminals.  In order to achieve his profane goals and as a means of frightening the desperate people, he has of a certainty ordered eight individuals from among his friends to carry out a killing in a most deplorable way, by stabbing [to death] Dr. Berjis in broad daylight, a doctor who has been serving the nation. .  Then in order to mislead the public, he has blamed the religion, has invited the public to close their businesses and has threatened the police forces by stating “If the killers are not released immediately, I will come myself to the police prison to release them”, although Dr. Berjis was Jewish, and even if he had become Baha’i, it had nothing to do with Islam.

Oh Shah of all Shahs! Should you not issue orders for the execution of these eight [guilty individuals] and their perpetrators, before long those agents of foreigners will destroy the country’s order and achieve their evil goals.  Your Majestic order is obeyed.


Gholam Nematzadeh [Signature] Z


[Handwritten note: 1] to be conveyed to His Excellency

[Handwritten note 2:] [His Excellency] did not issue forth any order however; to be submitted to the Mr. Prime Minister


24 Bahman 1328[13 February 1950]


[1] [Abdolhossein Hazhir: Iranian Prime Minister in late 40’s. When he was serving as Minister of Royal Court (darbar), he was assassinated at the age of 47 by Seyyed Hosein Emami Esfahani, a member of Fadaiyin Islam.]