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The Ministry of Roads and Transport

Iranian National Railways


Office:  Region: ------

Number: 761

Date: 17 Khordad 1343 [7 June 1964]

Attachment: ------


Confidential – Direct


Office of Railways and Manufacturing

Mr. Ataollah Moshtael Oskouei, a retired employee of that office, in submitting the petition dated 23 Ordibehesht 1343 [13 May 1964] to the honourable Office of the Ministry of Roads and Transport, has requested the reinstatement of his pension fund. As it was communicated to that office in letter number 112945, on 12 Bahman 1342 [1 February 1964], 3 Farvardin 1343 [23 March1964], 28 Farvardin 1343 [17 April 1964] and 24 Farvardin 1343 [13 April 1964] through the Personnel Office, the recommendation for the reinstatement of the pension fund of the mentioned individual has been prepared, and through the Ministry of Roads and Transport has been sent to the National Office of Pensions. However, the mentioned office by referring to the terms of Article 1 of the Constitution and clause 4 of Act 2 of the Public Servant Employment Act, enacted on 22 Azar 1301 [14 December 1922] and clauses 1 to 5 of the Recruitment Act, enacted on Esfand 1306 [February - March 1928] has refrained from reinstating his pension, as confirmed by suggestion. Hence, for information, the proceedings are conveyed.

Iranian National Railways