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Islamic Republic of Iran


Department of Justice - Islamic Republic of Iran

Therefore follow not passion, lest ye swerve from truth

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Department of Justice - Islamic Republic of Iran

Court Order

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Dated: 18/6/1372 [9 September 1993]

Court Order Number 508 - [date:] 20/6/1372 [11 September 1993]

 File Number: 822/4/71

Administered by: Branch 4 of the Criminal Court 1 of Shahr-e-Rey


Court Order

In the Name of the Most High, in view of the contents of the case file, the police report, medical examiners report, the appeals of the next of kin [T.N.: Literally, the “avengers of blood”, who are entitled to receive blood money] as described in the court proceedings, the confessions of the accused during interrogation and before the court, the manner in which the body was discovered, and other indications and evidence, the alleged crime of one count of kidnapping, resulting in the first degree murder of Rouhollah Qadmi by the defendants, Solayman and Rahman Aynollahi, sons of Hasan, is proven and established. However, in accordance with Article 2, page 519, volume 2 of Tahrirol-Vasileh [a book written by Aytaollah Khomeini as a commentary on Islamic law] by the late imam, and other books of jurisprudence, such as Javaherol-Kalam and others, which state that having the same religion [as the victim] is one of the conditions for redress (the second is equality in religion; a Muslim is not killed for [the murder of] an infidel), in this case, according to the statements of the next of kin and plaintiffs and local people, the victim was a member of the perverse and wayward Baha’i sect, hence the issue of redress [for the victim’s family] is dismissed. In view of Article 21, page 559, volume 12 of Tahrirol-Vasileh, the right to the payment of blood money is also dismissed (no blood money is paid to the infidels except those who pay tribute to Muslims). Therefore, in the matter of execution and the payment of blood money, the defendants are acquitted. However, since the crime committed is unlawful and causes disorder in society, and indeed disrupts the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic, in accordance with Sections 42 and 208, and considering the mitigating factors in Section 22 and Paragraph 18 of the Islamic Penal Code, each defendant is sentenced to eighteen months (a year and a half) imprisonment, taking into account the period of detention each had served before the issuance of the verdict.

Chief Justice of Branch 4 of the Criminal Court 1 of Shahr-e-Rey

Sayyid Mohammad Ghazavi

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Plaintiff: Mrs. Giti  Ghedami, daughter of Rouhollah [contact details]