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[Governorate Office of Abadeh, number: ---, date: 25 Ordibehesht 1334 [16 May 1955]]


Minutes of the Meeting

As per the invitation of the Governorate, number 598, dated 24 Ordibehesht 1334 [15 May 1955], the fourth meeting of the Public Security Committee was convened at the main hall of the Governorate, at 9:00 in the morning of Monday, 25 Ordibehesht 1334 [16 May 1955], with the presence of the signatories listed below.

Because of the current critical situation and its coincidence with the blessed days of Ehya [Revival], and the engagement of the heads of the disciplinary departments with the general safety of the district, it was not possible to have regular meetings. There was an instruction that at all times, regardless of day or night hours, the members of the Committee must always be in communication [with each other], so that in case they received any report from the disciplinary agents, [they would] be able to take an immediate decision. Now that the holy days have ended, and the possibility of excitement of religious sentiments is, to a certain degree, over, the Public Security Committee met to analyse the currents, reports and orders received in the past few days.

  1. Regarding the telegraphic complaint to the governorate from Abbas Pakbaz (who is a Baha’i) and a resident of Soghad, reporting that his house in Soghad had been plundered by the local inhabitants and had been levelled to the ground, and also the major loss inflicted on the Assembly of the Baha’is [Baha’i Centre] in the mentioned area, the matter has been reported to the gendarmerie of Abadeh and they were  instructed to [personally] visit the place in person and investigate in full the truth or falsehood of the matter. If the contents of the complainant’s telegram [were true], [they were instructed to] deliver the perpetrators, together with a report of the case, to the Public Security Committee for legal prosecution.


The report of the mentioned officer at 18:00 hours on Monday 18 Ordibehesht 1334 [9 May 1955] indicates that, after arrival at the locality and [having conducted] a full investigation, it was discovered that the statements of the complainant had been downright lies. The nephew of the complainant, who had been left back to take care of his house, has even denied the plundering issue. Regarding the destroyed assets of the Assembly of the Baha’is in Soghad, it had happened some five months earlier, after 22 days of rain in the month of Azar 1333 [November 1954]. The signs of the old ruins testify to the truth of the matter. Orders were issued in this case that the commander of the Gendarmerie of Abadeh prepare a legal case [against] the mentioned Pakbaz for spreading false news, and after closing the matter of the Baha’is, according to the legal criteria, deliver it to the court for legal action, and report the results to the Security Commission.

  1. The telegrams received and orders issued by the central authorities and Governorate General were read and contents noted. During the holidays, both the disciplinary agents and the members of the Security Commission have been on duty in their respective service areas in order to take any [appropriate] decision.
  2. Necessary instruction had been given to the religious preachers with regard to the control of the sermons and normal religious speeches by the governor, the head of the police headquarters and the commanders of the gendarmerie in the villages and districts, where the end result is quite satisfactory; up to now, there has not been the slightest convulsion as per the given speeches. Constant attention will be given to the situation for later stages.
  3. Report number 599, dated 24 Ordibehesht 1334 [15 May 1955], of the Police Headquarters of Abadeh, regarding the perpetration of Jalal Emami and Hasan Maarafi in using fire crackers at the arrival in Abadeh of the governor general of Fars, General Hemmat, was studied. Because the perpetrators were under age and bore no legal duty, it was not possible to prosecute them, and it was decided for the admonishment of others that the mentioned youngsters be reprimanded by the governor and also be reminded that should they repeat such actions, they will receive punishment.
  1. With regard to the denial of Abbas Pakbaz Soghadi’s complaint telegram (mentioned in point 1), the inhabitants of Soghad have written and submitted a descriptive letter to the Governorate Office in this regard, the content of which is in full agreement with the report of the headquarters of the gendarmerie; therefore, the decision on this matter was left the same as mentioned in point 1 regarding legal prosecution of Abbas Pakbaz.
  2. The meeting ended at 1:00 in the afternoon, while necessary instructions were given to the disciplinary officers of the police headquarters and gendarmerie to be more vigilant in keeping the general calm and the safety of the region. The mentioned officers unanimously stated that, as the law and order have been fully kept during these sensitive hours and days, these will be obeyed in the future as before.


Governor of the City of Abadeh: Eftekhari, [signature]

Head of the Court of Justice of the district of Abadeh: Sharafi, [signature]

Commander of the Gendarmerie of Abadeh: Colonel Mubed, [signature]

Head of the Department of Finance of the city of Abadeh: Saheb-ekhtiari, [signature]

Head of the Police Department: Officer Hekmat, [signature]