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Court of Administrative Justice  


Date: -----

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In the Name of the Almighty   

Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve  

Court Order


Date of Review: 26 Khordad 1387 [15 June 2008]   

Case Reference: 89/3/87            

Court Order No.: 541

Administered by:  Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Complainant: Noushin Bandi Amirabad, daughter of Amrollah, [address] [redacted]

Respondent: National Education Measurement and Evaluation Organization

Subject of complaint and claim: Objections to university enrolment refusal

Procedural synopsis:  Subsequent to the registration of the complaint under no. 1947 – 24 Farvardin 1387 [13 April 2008]- at the Court of Administrative Justice and the assignment the case to Branch 3, where it was registered under the above-mentioned case reference no., and after completing the routine administrative protocol, the tribunal, at a particular time and in the presence of the undersigned members, reviewed the case file, including the statement of the respondent.  The tribunal concluded the proceedings and, relying on the Almighty God, rendered the following decision:

Court’s Decision

Subsequent to reviewing the case file pertaining to the complainant made by, Miss Noushin Bandi Amirabad a candidate for the national university entrance examinations of 1386 [2007/2008], who has thereby objected to not being enrolled at university, this tribunal, having reviewed the content of the file and the statement of the respondent—disclosure no. 549 – 16 Ordibehesht 1387 [5 May 2008]—and, furthermore, having considered the guidelines pertaining to the entrance examination for enrolment in universities and higher education institutions in the country, which require candidates to fulfil the conditions and meet both general and specific standards as outlined in the booklet and which guarantee the right to withdraw acceptance at any stage, even after the candidate has received acceptance from a university, and/or expel the candidate from attending university, should it become evident that the candidate has withheld personal information or that he/she has failed to meet one of the requirements as indicated in the guidelines; given that the above-mentioned [complainant] was refused acceptance due to her failure to fulfil the conditions and general requirements as indicated in the guidelines and that the case falls under the provisions of Article 83 of the ratified bill dated 11 Shahrivar 1365 [2 September 1986] of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, and owing to lack of evidence proving an offence, the claim is considered to have no merit, and as such the tribunal dismisses the complaint.  This decision, in accordance with Article 7 of the Court of Administrative Justice Act, is final./z 


Chief Justice of Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Zabihollah Vahedi

Advising Counsel of Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Sepideh Ghavami

Advising Counsel of Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice – Seyyed Ali-Hosein Mousavi




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Decision given on 19 Mordad 1387 [9 August 2008]