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Administrative Justice Tribunal


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In the Name of God

Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve

Court Order


Court Order Number: 1320                  

Date of Investigation: 27 Aban 1386 [18 November 2007]

Case reference: 1201/4/86

Administrative Centre: Court of Administrative Justice, Branch 4

Plaintiff: Mr. Bashir Heravi Talemi, [address] [redacted]

Complaint against: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the University

Subject of complaint and claim: As detailed in the text of the claim

Procedure:  The plaintiff’s claim, following its registration under number 39195–25 Mehr 1386 [17 October 2007] with the Court of Administrative Justice and referral to the fourth branch, as referenced above in this branch, and after the initial procedures were carried out, has been examined in a special session under the supervision of the undersigned.  Subsequent to a review of the file, the hearing was concluded and the following decision rendered.

Ruling of the Court

With regard to the claim of Mr. Bashir Heravi Talemi that he passed the National University Entrance Examination in [academic year] 1385 [2006/2007] and should be permitted to continue his studies, and with the interests of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the University of Applied Science and Technology in Chalus in mind; after reviewing the contents of the file and the response received, owing to the fact that the situation of the claimant is covered by the provisions sanctioned by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and there being no evidence that related regulations have been violated, the plaintiff has no grounds upon which to validate his request, which is therefore judged invalid.  This verdict is in accordance with Article 7 of the Court [of Administrative Justice] Act and is final. / 6


Head of the Fourth Branch of the Court of Administrative Justice

Hasan Mahdavi

Advisor to the Fourth Branch of the Court of Administrative Justice

Ali Akbari       

Advisor to the Fourth Branch of the Court of Administrative Justice



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1 Dey 1386 [22 December 2007]