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Department of Social Services

Main Office, Khuzestan province


Islamic Republic of Iran

In the name of God


Date: 21/1/1388 [10 April 2009]

Number: /M SH-60

Enclosure: 4130


Mrs. Gohar-kiss [Gohar-Geyss] Shishi-Behbahani

Shiraz [address is provided]




In response to the request you sent to the Minister of Welfare and Social Security we inform you that: the deceased had been paying insurance premiums for twenty-one years and four months and was granted an additional complementary three years and eight months to his period of employment, and according to government memorandum 457 (early retirement) he was granted retirement on 1 Mehr 1359. Subsequently, according to the decision of Preliminary Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources of the Office of the National Petroleum Company, Aghajari Branch, decision number H-B/2013 /10 dated 1/5/1361 [23 July 1982] he was subjected to permanent dismissal from employment at government or government-affiliated companies owing to his membership in the perverse Baha’i sect. For that reason his pension remittance was cancelled effective the same date. Therefore, in light of the above explanations, it is not permissible to grant your request.


Ali Torkashvand

Director General of Social Services - Khuzestan province



Copy to:

  • Honourable brother Mr. Mohsen Haj-Mohammadi, Vice Director-General of the Ministerial Office for Inspection, Evaluation and Improvement, Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, with reference to letter number 62438/M SH -15 dated 6/11/1387 [25 January 2009] of the Office of Social Services, Fars Province, for [your] information.
  • Head Office of Social Services, Fars Province, with reference to the above-mentioned letter for [your] information.


Ahvaz [address is provided]