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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 2/2/1370 [22 April 1991]

Number: 10/1269



Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

In His Name, the Exalted



From:   Coroner's Office

Subject: Death Certificate


This is to certify that:


Mrs. Manieh, born to Hedayat, surname  Ghavami Mamaghani, who died on 29/7/1365 [21 October 1986], was examined at this Coroner’s Office on 30/7/1365 [22 October 1986] in the presence of the inspector on duty from the Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran, and the cause of death was determined as acute asthma in the lungs and pressure on the neck and the respiratory tract. Burial permission number [redacted], [dated] 30/7/65 [22 October 1386] is issued in her name.

Director of the Coroner's Office

Dr. Tofighi

[official stamp]