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Islamic Republic of Iran

Tehran Municipality


Number: 30862

Date: 7 Dey 1360 [28 December 1981]

Date of passing: 6 Dey 1360 [27 December 1981]


Behesht Zahra[1]

Passing Notice

Receipt Number:

Amount: … rials


Name of the deceased: Ghodratollah, Surname: Rohani, Father’s Name: Fazlollah

Mother’s Name: -----, Identification Number: ------, Issued from: -------, Date of birth:

Age: ------, Occupation: --------, Citizenship: Iranian, Place of death: Evin, Tehran

Street: -------, Lane: --------, House Number: -------, Type of illness: Bullet wound, Attending Physician or Hospital: Office of the Prosecutor of Tehran, Place of Burial: Khorasan Road


Nominator: Mr. / Mrs. ------, Surname: -----, Identification Number: ------, Issued from: Revolutionary Court, Residing District: -----, Street: ------, Lane: Islami Markaz, House Number: -------

Occupation: ------, Place of Work:------


Signature of the Nominator:

Signature of the issuer:


[Handwritten Note: Number and date at the end of this page]

[Number:] 14737

[Date:] 10 Dey 1360 [31 December 1981]



[1] [the name of Tehran Cemetery]