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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran


General Inspection Organization (GIO)


In His Exalted Name

Date: 28 Khordad 1391 [17 June 2012]

Number:  55844

Enclosure: -----


Mr. Payam Vali

Karaj [redacted]



Respectfully, further to your grievance letter, dated 16 Khordad 1391 [5 June 2012], against the Office of Amaken[Public Places Supervision Office] in Nazarabad, Office of Intelligence in Karaj, we inform you of the following:

Your grievance letter was reviewed by experts at this Organization, and, subsequent to the following clarification, it will be filed.

“This is to inform you that the nature of your complaint does not fall under the jurisdiction of the General Inspection Organization; thus, it is not possible to process your complaint.  Considering the contents of the grievance letter, the complaint of the plaintiff concerning the closure and sealing of his commercial property is being reviewed by the Court of Administrative Justice. Therefore, this Organization cannot consider this request.”

For more information, please visit the national database for complaint reviews.

Mohammad-Reza Roushenasan

Director of the Secretariat and Administration


Address for the national database for complaint reviews: http://shekayat.bazrasi.ir