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Ministry of the Interior,

Office of the Governorate of Isfahan,

Section of Falavarjan District

Date: 12 Bahman 1320 [1 February 1942]

Number: 327


Confidential - Direct


Esteemed Governorate Office of Isfahan,

I respectfully inform you that, according to the report received from the village head of Chamgardan, on the day of Ashura [the day of the martyrdom of Imam Hossain], Sheikh Mahmoud Shariati Rizi rallied about 3,000 people of Riz and dispatched them towards Chamgardan, with the intention of killing several families who are Baha’is and are residing in Chamgardan. Because the targeted families had already escaped from Chamgardan, the mob returned home while shouting a great number of profanities.

As the matter is very serious, I personally have moved to implement some investigation and will soon inform you of the results.

Head of the District of Falavarjan

Sadripour [Signature] [Stamped:  Falavarjan District]


[Handwritten note:] Confidential: Mr. Deputy, please write: During the investigations, utmost care should be taken that the matter be investigated carefully and impartially and a comprehensive and honest report should be sent, based on the true facts of the incident]

[Signature], 16 Bahman 1320 [5 February 1942]