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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran


Dated 6 Esfand 1363 [25 February 1985]

Number 1/B/1676/63

Enclosure [386 A]

From: The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran

To: The Police Force of the Islamic Republic, City of Ramsar

With respectful greetings,

We hereby inform you that the allegations [file] against Mr. Daryoush Kasiri-Arabi, son of Habibollah, birth certificate number [redacted], born in [redacted], residing in Garmdarreh, Babol – [which are] based on his membership in the perverse Baha’i sect and participation in educational [Baha’i] children’s classes and membership on the [Local] Assembly of [the Baha’is of] Garmdarreh [on which he holds] the position of chairperson were presented to this Prosecutor’s Office.  After conducting the necessary investigation, the case was heard at Branch 9 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court and [as stipulated in] Judgment number TGAD 2998, dated 27 Bahman 1363 [16 February 1985], the above-mentioned individual was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.  However, given that he is illiterate and has not been very active [in the Baha’i community], and stopped his activities after the directive was issued by the Prosecutor’s Office, the days he has been held in custody are to be considered as sufficient punishment.  It has been decided that he can be allowed to serve out the rest of his sentence working in Ramsar as usual.  However, he [does not] have the right to enter his previous place of residence in the village of Garmdarreh.

In light of the foregoing, we hereby [introduce] the above-mentioned individual.  Please order the necessary action to be carried out and inform this court of the date that he introduces himself to your office

Judgment Enforcement Branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran

[Shahid Ghoddousi Street Branch]

[Official stamp]