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[Adapted from website:] Dana Information Network

[Date:] 27 Aban 1392 [18 November 2013]


Men dance in the presence of women in a Baha’i funeral commemoration meeting

Some time ago, a Baha’i funeral commemoration meeting was held in the presence of a number of members of the Baha’i sect, in a residential house near Resalat Square.

According to a reporter of Dana Information Network, the funeral of a deceased Baha’i was recently held in the presence of a number of members of this sect, in one of the residential houses near Resalat Square in Tehran.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the speaker discussed the matter of existence and the creation from the Baha’i perspective, followed by reading poetry (poems on the religion of Baha’ism) and a special dance by men while reciting poetry in the presence of men and women.

The intrigue of [the] Bab and Baha is one of the important conspiracies that was designed by the colonial centers from the middle of the Qajar period with the aim of harming Islam, especially Shiism, and in the course of continuing its black and corrupt life, and alongside the enemies of Islam, it always seeks to strike at this religion and destroy it, to conquer its anti-arrogant and anti-oppressive qualities. In one word, the aim of the masterminds of this sedition was to try to break the realm and national authority of the Iranians, which arose around the Shiite axis from the Safavid era and threatened the interests of the arrogant and colonial powers.

Recently, it has been observed that this sect, which aims to attract young people with the aim of isolating and destroying Islam and promoting Baha’ism, has had many movements in the country, especially in Tehran.

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