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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Dana Information Network

[Date:] 19 Shahrivar 1394 [10 September 2015]


Suspicious Action of Mazandaran University in Official Recognition of the Perverse Baha’i sect / Photograph - Writing

…According to the information network Rah-e Dana, quoting Balagh, the new students of Mazandaran University [came across] a strange case during their registration. In the registration page of these students, in the section on choosing a religion, the name of the perverse Baha’i sect was mentioned. This suspicious action requires the intervention of the judiciary.

While, according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this sect is not recognized, and even the great authorities of emulation have issued fatwas about socializing and even confronting the members of this misguided sect, the most important fatwa is related to the supreme leader of the Revolution, in which the position of the believers against this misguided sect is clearly mentioned, where you can see the response to the advice in the picture below.

In the Name of God

All members of the perverse Baha’i sect are condemned for being infidels and unclean. Any food or wet item touched by them should be avoided. It is incumbent upon the believers to oppose the machinations and immorality of this perverse sect.

[Official stamp]

Office of Ayatollah Khamenei Seeking Religious Advice Section


Also, the late Imam Khomeini also took positions on this heretical sect, one of which is as follows:

The late Imam Khomeini, in response to the inquiries of the merchants and guilds of Qom, dated 30 Azar 1341 [21 December 1962] said, “The independence of the country and its economy is under the control of the Zionists. [That control] is apparent as the Baha’i party in Iran, and it will not be long before, with this deadly silence of the Muslims, they will take over the entire economy of this country with the approval of their agents.” ...

The Baha'is have had and still have special interests and relations with the Israeli government, and based on this interest, they are also united with Jewish businessmen and act in concert in the fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Following the formation of the usurping state of Israel, Zionist leaders recognized Baha’ism as a religion and have allowed the construction of the first Baha’i Shrine, titled Mashriqu’l-Adkar, to be built there. The Baha’is were closely associated with spy systems and this paved the way for the presence of Zionist Jews in Israel. (“The Bright Shadow of the Baha’is”, Kayhan, 133-135)