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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Dana Information Network

[Date:] 15 Azar 1393 [6 December 2014]


Exhibition “Crime of Salafism and Baha’ism” in Miandoab + Images

A photo exhibition with the theme “Crime of Salafism and Baha’ism” opened at the Ershad Cultural and Artistic Complex in Miandoab.

According to the Dana Information Network, quoted by Zarin Khabar, in this exhibition, images and posters with different themes about the crimes of “Salafism and Wahhabism” in the Islamic world are displayed.

The cultural and social official of the Miandoab, Basij Resistance section, about the exhibition, in an interview with Zarin Khabar, said, “The enemy’s goal is to create Islamophobia and divisions among Muslims. In this regard, some deviant sects and unbeliever groups such as Salafism, Wahhabism and ISIS have been formed.”

Valiollah Heydari said, “In order to enlighten and acquaint the people with the crimes of these takfiri[i] groups, an exhibition on the subject ‘Salafi and Baha’i Crimes’ has been organized with a display of 95 paintings and posters in the Ershad Cultural and Artistic Complex, and is open for public viewing for four days.”

He added, “Over the next week, this exhibition will be taken round the Miandoab universities in order to enlighten and acquaint students with the crimes and history of these takfiri groups.”










[i] [Groups accusing others of apostasy]