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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Daad

[Date:] 31 Ordibehesht 1334 [22 May 1955]

[Issue No.:] 3324


The Demand of the People of Mazandaran to Stop the Activities of the Baha’is

The texts of the telegrams that were received during these few days of holiday:

Telegram 22 Ordibehesht 1334 [13 May 1955]

Babol – His Honour Mr. Sardar Fakher, the Honourable Speaker of the National Consultative Assembly

Copy: Mr. Amidi Nouri, esteemed member of the National Consultative Assembly

Copy: Mr. Falsafi, the famous preacher and reviver of the holy Jafari sect

We wish to inform you that, during the recent crisis in Mazandaran, the perverse Baha’i sect collaborated with the Tudeh party, and, in fact, the Tudeh Party networks are inspired by assemblies of the Baha’i sect. They spread their treacherous acts, through their members, against the independence of the country, the Jafari sect, and the constitution of the country and poisoned the minds of the naive people of Sahri [Village] and the peasants. Even during the official opening prayer ceremonies, they would sing anthems of divine sovereignty, in the name of their leader, Shoghi Effendi, with tar [Persian instrument] and violin.

Accordingly, the [members of the] Baha’i Faith are foreign agents who are active, in the name of a new religion, in separatism and the formation of a Baha’i monarchy. Therefore, we generally ask the eternal government of Mr. Ala—who has spent a lifetime with dignity, truth, honesty and religion in the high court of the King of Kings—and the respected representatives of Mazandaran from Babol to Sari, to prepare and submit a plan to the [National Consultative] Assembly to dissolve the Baha’i assemblies throughout the country, as well as [to consider] the death penalty for the promotion of the Baha’i Faith, and the expulsion of Baha’i agents from all government departments of the country, and insist on its immediate approval.

The Mosque and School of Mirzaie—which is located in Hasirforoushan, in the centre of the City of Babol and, according to this perverse sect, which believes [this location] is the burial place of Mulla Muhammad Ali (Quddus) —was exchanged at a good price, by the head of the Education Department of Babol of the time, who was also member of this same sect, with the trustee of the place. Instead, a house that is currently the 17 Dey Primary School was taken from the buyer, and then the buyer transferred the ownership rights of the mosque to the leader of the Baha’i’s, Shoghi Effendi. 

The mosque and the school are not transferable, and exchanging them with other property is only possible [if] the endowment is non-productive [unutilized]; but the mosque and school have not become non-productive. Its superstructure and building are habitable and used by the worshipers and students of religious science. This fact has been confirmed by the Mazandaran Education Department, which has written officially to the Ayatollah Allameh Haeri; therefore, we are requesting that articles be drafted in parliament and the deeds of ownership of Shoghi Effendi be invalidated and that the Department of Education of Babol be instructed to reimburse the amount of 100,000 rials, paid by Shoghi Effendi to him from the reserves of the Department of Education, and to deliver the said mosque and school to the Moslem Community of Babol.

With utmost respect – On behalf of two thousand [members] of the Jameh Mosque of Babol – Ahmad Jamali – Haji Agha Gholipour – Gholam Abbas Monadi


Suldeh - Telegram 

23 Ordibehesht 1334 [14 May 1955]

Esteemed Mr. Amidi Nouri

Copy to Mr. Arsalan Khalatbari

Copy to the great scholar Mr. Falsafi – Tehran

Since the infamous and detested Baha’i sect has recently risen up in Iran in the guise of religion against the security of the Muslim people of Iran and the country’s territorial integrity, and by various means has diverted the people from the path of goodness, chastity, godliness and religiousness, and does not hesitate [to commit] any crime to advance its evil intentions, we demand that this despicable sect, which is the enemy of Islam and Iran, become illegal so that this God-pleasing act will make the holy souls of Islam’s saints and the Muslim people of the world happy and erase the spread of this religion of disease and destruction from the face of the Islamic country.

On behalf of 5,000 inhabitants of Kojur - Kheirollah Towhid


Babol – Telegram

21 Ordibehesht 1334 [12 May 1955]

The Honourable Mr. Khalatbari

Esteemed Mr. Amidi Nouri

Copy to Mr. Arsalan Khalatbari

Copy to the Great Scholar, the Honourable Mr. Falsafi – Tehran

In order to eliminate the destructive Baha’i propaganda and to prevent divisions among the Iranian Muslim brothers, we call for the adoption of a single article to criminalize the Baha’i ideology and to prosecute and dismiss them from government services, to please God and protect the beloved homeland.

[About 45 names are listed]




21 Ordibehesht 13334 [12 May 1955]

National Consultative Assembly

Copy to Mr. Arsalan Khalatbari

Copy to Mr. Amidi Nouri

The Esteemed Representatives of Mazandaran, Dr. Ahi

Copy to Mr. Falsafi, the Esteemed Preacher

Copy to Tehran Propagation Office

Now that, with the confirmations of God Almighty and the blessings of His Majesty, the King of King, the nest of corruption of the dirty Baha’i sect has been occupied by powerful police forces, the Muslim nation of Iran, expressing its happiness in this great success, takes the opportunity to ask the National Consultative Assembly to call for the immediate adoption of the Penal Code against these people and those affiliated with this despicable sect, [in order to] preserve the rites of the holy sect of Jafari, so that they will take and bury with them the wish for a coup d’état, and the treacherous and the seditious acts, and once again, the face of our dear country will be cleansed of the filth of the existence of these elements and the enemies of Islam. Signature

[About 10 names are listed]


Ramsar – Telegram 23 Ordibehesht 1334 [14 May 1955]

The Honourable Mr. Arsalan Khalatbari, member of the National Consultative Assembly

Copy to Mr. Amidi Nouri, esteemed member [of the National Consultative Assembly]

Copy to Dr. Ahi, esteemed representative of Tehran

The dismantling of the hated Baha’is, which has been the aspiration of all Muslims, has delighted the people of Ramsar, who now expect that, through passing a new law by the National Consultative Assembly, this anti-Islamic element will be considered illegal.

[About 48 names are listed] and a couple of other signatures


Telegram from Babolsar

24 Ordibehesht 1334 [15 May 1955]

The holy presence of the National Consultative Assembly

Copy to Mr. Amidi Nouri, distinguished member of the National Consultative Assembly

We hereby express our hatred and disgust towards the misguided and perverted Baha’i sect, which, by various means, has caused differences between the Muslims and the people of Iran. In order to preserve the independence of the country and the prosperity of Muslims, we request that this misguided group be made illegal by parliament, and we expect immediate approval [of that request] by the relevant authorities. [About 48 names are listed]