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Ministry of Education and Endowments


List of curriculum books taught in the Fourth Grade

[Related to Kafshgar Kola of Aliabad School]


Curriculum of the 4th Grade Classes

Hefzal-Seha [Health Care] second term, written by Mir Abutaleb Khan; Ensha’e Jadid [Contemporary Essay]; Dastoure Zendegi [Life Skills]; La’ali Adab [Pearls of Literature] written by Mirza Ahmad; Hefzal-Seha [Health Care] by Majdol-Dawleh; Tarikhe Eijad [History of Creation]; Tarikhe Mokhtasare, Iran [Brief History of Iran]; Hendeseye Ebtedaei [Elementary Geometry]; Dastoure Zabane Farsi [Persian Grammar]; Joghrafiyaye Sale 4 [Fourth Year Geography], Elmol Ashya’e Sale 4 [Fourth Year Science]; Shar’iyat [Religious Law]


3rd Grade Classes

Hefzal-Seha [Health Care]; Elmol Ashya’e Sale 3 [Third Year Science]; La’ali Adab 2nd [Pearls of Literature]; Sha’iyat [Law]; Dastoure Zabane Farsi [Persian Grammar]; Tarikhe Mokhtasare Iran [Brief History of Iran]; Dastoure Zendegi 2nd [Life Skills]; Joghrafiyaye 3rd [3rd Year Geography]; Tarikhe Mokhtasare Anbiya [Brief History of Prophets]; Ensha’e Jadid Moghadamati [Introduction to Contemporary Essay]; Marasel [Messengers]


1st and 2nd Grade Classes

Dastoure Zendegi [Life Skills]; Joghrafiyaye 2nd [2nd Year Geography]; Tarikhe Moghadamati Iran [Introduction to History of Iran]; Shar’iyat [Religious Laws]; Hefzal-Seha [Health Care]; Elmol Ashya’e Saleh 2 [Second Year Science]; Fara’edol-Adab [Priceless Literature] The Quran; Kelas-e Tahiyyeh [Preparatory Class]; Dastour-e Farhang 1st and 2nd volumes [Volume 1 and 2 of the Cultural Rules]


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