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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Wednesday 27-3-1360 [17 June 1981]

[Page:] 4


On behalf of the Sharia judge of Hamadan

Crimes of Seven Executed Israeli Spies in Hamadan are announced.

Following the execution of seven Israeli spies in Hamadan, the news of which was published yesterday, Hojatol-Islam Alami, Sharia judge of Hamadan, announced their crimes as follows:

  1. Active collaboration with the sinister Pahlavi regime
  2. Active collaboration with the sinister regime and introducing revolutionaries and committed Muslims to the SAVAK,[1] and their arrest and torture by the SAVAK.
  3. Active participation in the Zionist espionage network, and transferring large sums of foreign currency to Israel.
  4. Spreading rumours and baseless lies against the glorious Islamic Revolution and trying to defame revolutionary organizations by publishing notifications and spreading leaflets around the country in order to create dissension among the ranks of Iran’s champion nation, and slandering the champion clergy, sending many letters and telegrams with fake signatures to the authorities of the Islamic Republic, stating that their rights are being trampled in the Islamic Republic, and their properties are being looted and their homes have been burned down.  The number of these telegrams was great enough to affect the authorities and any reader. Telegraph fees have been paid by the Assembly. However, such a thing was not true.
  5. Conspiring and rising up against the Islamic Revolution and giving orders to sit in protest in the so-called Haziratu’l-Quds[2] and villages for gathering in provincial centres. And orders to sit in protest in the so-called Haziratu’l-Quds with the excuse that they are homeless because of the destruction and burning down of their houses, so they are accommodated in the Assembly [property] in order to provoke Muslim people against the Revolution and make the Islamic Republic look inhumane.
  6. Direct contact with the famous and fugitive financier Hozhabr Yazdani, and sending a letter to him from the Assembly, calling him the “courageous servant of the Cause of God”, which shows the Assembly’s allegiance to him.
  7. Active participation in propagation of the flimsy Baha’i religion and numerous travels for this purpose to foreign cities and countries, such as America, Europe and Israel.  Even while [they were] in the law enforcement penitentiary of Hamadan, they did not stop propagation and they were inviting the prisoners to this Zionist ideology.
  8. Concealing the Assembly’s papers and documents, and burning them, which the accused confessed to, and this proves those [documents] were classified. Also concealing books and precious objects and sending them to the National Assembly and probably embezzling them and accusing Muslim revolutionary people and revolutionary organizations of looting these objects.





[1] [The former regime’s intelligence service]

[2] [Baha’i Center]