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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Crescent International

[Date:] Monday, 23 Ordibehesht 1364 [13 May 1985] - 22 Sha’ban 1405

[Issue No.:] 1724

[Page:] 7


Finally, Sheikh al-Azhar Also Excommunicated the Perverted Baha’i Sect

Crescent International Magazine, in its issue of 15 April [pages]– 8 and 1 – regarding the excommunication of the perverted Baha’i sect by the president of Al-Azhar University, writes:

“Finally, the fact that Baha’is and Baha’ism are the tools of international Zionism to destroy Islam has been [confirmed] by Al-Azhar University, the ancient headquarters of Islamic education in Cairo”.

[This] fatwa, issued by Gad al-Haq, the great sheikh of Al-Azhar, on 14 March, calls the Baha’is a political group created by Zionism, which operates in a number of Arab and Muslim countries. According to the fatwa of Sheikh Jar al-Haq, the principles of the Baha’i Faith are contrary to Islam. He said, “This is a belief that has been rejected by Islam. This religion is neither Jewish nor Christian.”

According to Al-Azhar’s fatwa, Baha’is are dangerous apostates who are derived from Islam, because they combine the teachings of Islam with principles borrowed from Judaism and Christianity. Baha’is do not consider Muhammad-ibn-Abdullah to be the last Prophet.

The fatwa was issued following the arrest of 36 Baha’is in February, who were accused by the inspector general of spreading beliefs that are contrary to the heavenly religion that the Egyptian government’s religion is based on it. All defendants were briefly detained. Baha’is have a documented history of functioning as the fifth pillar of Zionism in the Islamic world.

The headquarters of this false Islamic sect is located in the port city of Haifa, in Israel. This is the place where the founder of this sect, the Bab, who was a Russian spy and was hanged in Tabriz (1848), is apparently buried. Baha’is, like the role played by Qadianis in Pakistan, have been used by Israel to spy in a number of Muslim countries. During the rule of the deposed shah of Iran, they acted as a liaison with the Zionist state and played an important role in the exploitation of the country’s resources.

Like their Qadiani counterparts, they held a number of key jobs and positions and took over the banking services. The shah trusted only the Baha’is for senior SAVAK positions. The organization was a U.S.-trained Israeli spy-security network responsible for the deaths and torture of thousands of Iranian Muslims. Although the Baha’i organization has been banned in Egypt since 1960, its members have seen little government intervention. Many Baha’is who fled Iran with the shah in 1979 chose to live in Egypt and they received special treatment under Anwar Sadat. They settled down in Egypt in a situation where, disproportionate to their numbers, they enjoyed a great influence. The recent arrests, along with the Al-Azhar fatwa, reflect the success of the Islamic activists in Egypt, who have exposed the evil role of the Baha’is in the mosque sermons and the intelligence papers.