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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior

Office of Provincial Governor General of the Eighth Province


Dated: 25 Esfand 1321 [16 March 1943]

[Number: 366]

Attachments: 2


Confidential. Urgent


Ministry of the Interior,

Following letter number 171/88, dated 14 Esfand 1321 [5 March 1943], please find enclosed a copy of part of a repeated report from the Governorate of Zabol and a copy of a report from the Police Force of Zabol, stating that some Baha’is had moved to Zabol and engaged in some provocations. Please give a directive to clarify what measures should be taken to prevent the Baha’is from their activities, so that we can enforce them.


Deputy, Office of the Governor General of Eighth Province



[Handwritten Note 2:] Prevent any demonstrations, dated 10 Farvardin 1322 [31 March 1943]

[Handwritten Note 3:] Record, enclose past records

[Stamp: Registered in confidential book at Ministry of the Interior, Number: 31, dated 9 Farvardin 1322 (30 March 1943)]

[Stamp: Ministry of the Interior, Political Division, number 39, dated 1 Farvardin 1322 (21 March 1943)]