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Court order

Court -----



Justice Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Date: -----

Number: -----

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File number: 870934T/12

Court order: 8709400861, 26 Bahman 1387 [14 February 2009]-

Investigating Authority, Branch 12 Appellate Court of Isfahan Province

Appellants: 1- Mehran Zeini, son of Rouhollah; Resident of [redacted], 2- Farhad Ferdowsian, son of Azizollah, Resident of [redacted], 3- Houshmand Talebi Eskandari, son of Mousa, Resident of [redacted].

Appellee: Natural Resources of Najafabad

Requested appeal: Court order number 87/4/16- 323, issued by Branch 103 Public Criminal Court of Najafabad

Procedural synopsis: The court, after holding an investigative meeting, reviewing the contents of the file, engaging in consultation and exchange of views, with the help of Almighty God, announces its conclusion of the investigation and issues its decision as follows.

Court Decision

The objection raised by 1- Mehran Zeini Najafabadi, 2- Farhad Ferdowsian Najafabadi, 3- Houshmand Talebi Eskandari, regarding the court order 823, dated 16 Tir 1387 [6 July 2008] issued by Branch 103 of the Public Criminal Court of Najafabad, which sentences each of the appellants to pay two thousand rials in cash penalty in lieu of imprisonment and to give up ownership of public lands which they are alleged to have forcibly taken over, i.e., the lands belonging to the government known as “Sang-e Sefid” in the Northern region of Najafabad, per the complaint of the Department of Natural Resources of that town, is acceptable and valid. This is based on the conducted investigations and the defences put forth by the defendants regarding the time and manner of taking over the land. They say the land has been given to them to bury their dead since 1374 [1995] confirmed by the minutes of the local investigation which also indicate that they took over since that date and during this period no complaint was made by the Department of Natural Resources. These findings prove the truth of the claim of the defendants and this authority does not believe any foul play has taken place on their part. With reliance upon Paragraph 4, Article 257 of the Law of Criminal Investigation, we void the decision that has been issued, and with reliance upon Paragraph A, Article 177 of the aforementioned Law and Article 37 of the Constitution, we issue our decision to exonerate the aforementioned individuals.  This decision is final. /S. M.

Court Advisors:

Abdol-Reza Gholian

Ghasem Tavakkoli


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