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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 6/12/1360 [25 February 1982]

Number: 7355 - 100/ 60/M /90

Islamic Republic of Iran


The Public Prosecutor of Central Islamic Revolutionary [Court]


To: Qasr Prison

From: Islamic Revolutionary Court

Subject: Enforcement of the Order


According to final judgment number 205 of Branch 8 of the Court with regard to Mr. Habibollah Mohtadi, son of Hasan, a Baha’i and an army retiree, accused of membership in Baha’i associations of Iran and America, collaboration with Zionism, supporting Parviz Changizi, one of the devoted supporters of the deposed Pahlavi regime, receiving a five-million-tuman check from Parviz for collection and transfer of money abroad, lodging an unfounded complaint against Revolutionary Guards, [attempted] bribery of the Revolutionary Guards in the amount of ninety thousand rial, (which was deposited to the public prosecutor's account upon receipt), the discovery of his Baha’i family tree in his sister’s home, [Mr Mohtadi] is sentenced to six years’ imprisonment, calculated from the day of detention (detained on 14/2/1360 [4 May 1981]), and must pay a fine of three million tuman cash. In addition, five checks belonging to Mr. Habibollah Mohdadi, which were given to him for the money owed to him, will be confiscated and deposited to the account of the Government of the Islamic Revolution.  Therefore, please enforce the content of this order against the above-mentioned and report the results to this prosecutor’s office


Judicial Assistant of the Public Prosecutor of Central Islamic Revolutionary [Court]

- located at junction of Shahid Ghodusi