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In the Name of God

Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Final Report


Letter dated 9 Aban 1392 [31 October 2013]


[Illegible] in carrying out the order of the honourable judge of Kiasar, Mr. Kazemi, that Baha’is have no right to cultivate land, and that, until further notice, they should request a permit for cultivating their land from the judiciary of Mazandaran Province in the City of Sari and act through this channel, yours truly [illegible], accompanied by [illegible] departed for the Village of Ivel, in Margav region. The order of the respected judicial authority of Kiasar was conveyed to Mr. Ali Piri, Mr. Ghavamoddin Sabetian, Mr. Akbar Movaffaghi and Mr. Ali Ahmadi. This statement was prepared [illegible] and signed in the presence of those present. /


[Signature of the above individuals]

[Stamp:] Photocopy/copy is identical to the original


Director of the Office of the General Court of the Chahardangeh District


[Stamp:] [Illegible]

[Stamp:] [Illegible] done